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University of Tirana was founded in 1957 as the State University of Tirana (Universiteti Shtetëror i Tiranës) through the merging of five existing institutes of higher education, the most important of which was the Institute of Sciences, founded in 1947. Between April 13, 1985 and 1992 (during the communist regimen), UT was called the Enver Hoxha University of Tirana (Universiteti i Tiranës "Enver Hoxha") after the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha, who died on April 11, 1985. UT is the largest and highest ranking university in Albania. It includes eight colleges, 50 academic departments, and 41 study programs or majors. More than 14,000 students attend UT. UT employs more that 600 faculty members. The current campus is urban and decentralized. Students dorms are grouped in a separate location called Student City (Qyteti Studenti) in southeast Tirana.

Faculty of Medicine began his work on 22th September 1952 as the High Medical Institute. At the beginning there were only 67 students ( from which 13 were women). The aim was to prepare General Physicians. Doc. Aleksander Vasivjevic Anikim, a well prepared Russian health professional played an important role in the organization and the curricula of the Institute. The Russian perspective in the higher medical education included some basic knowledge of dictatorship politics.